TkPoker - IRC Poker Client [royal flush image]

I've managed to cobble up a reasonable facsimile of TBot that deals single-table NLHE tourneys. The server is at 6667. Join channel #tourney once connected.

Please make sure to change the "server" line to "" in tkpoker.ini (windows) or .tkprrc (linux)

I hope to see you there!

<=*=> PLEASE NOTE - TkPoker is mostly incompatible with the "new" TBot. <=*=>

IRC has changed a lot since the days of the original TBot. Most servers use flood protection and message throttling to prevent abuse and TBot is very chatty. Some changes have been made to reduce the number of messages TBot emits in order to make it less likely to be kicked. Unfortunately, these changes have rendered TkPoker incompatible with TBot.

I have no plans to continue work on TkPoker to make it compatible with future versions of dealers. If anybody has interest in doing so (or in writing a *new* client), please let me know and I will make you a dev on this project.

Thanks to everyone who's downloaded and tested TkPoker over the years.

TkPoker is a cross-platform IRC poker client written in Tcl/Tk (with some [incr Tcl] thrown in for good measure). I wrote TkPoker to allow me to use a nice interface to IRC Poker under Linux, but it should run with little or no modification under any operating system to which Tcl/Tk has been ported (i.e. pretty much any modern OS you can think of).

TkPoker was inspired by Greg Reynolds' GPkr but is certainly not meant to replace it. GPkr has far more features (and far fewer bugs!). If you're running Windows, GPkr is likely to provide a more satisfying experience (for now!). Likewise, for Macintosh users (both PowerPC and 68k), Larry Weinberg's McPoker is probably your best bet (again, for now!).

That being said, TkPoker currently runs under both Windows and Linux using the identical source and data. I am confident that it would run on a Macintosh with a simple change of file path separators.

Screen Shot

Here's a representative screenshot of TkPoker. Click on the image to see a useful version. [small screen shot]

Downloading TkPoker

You can download TkPoker from its SourceForge summary page.

Please let me know if you try TkPoker (, even if you hate it. Actually I'd particularly like to hear from those that hate it (but only if you tell me why). Thanks!

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